Remember is designed to help non-profit organizations care for people in a variety of contexts.

Life is all about relationships. Remember is fundamentally based around encounters with people, when our lives touch. Remember is there to help us when we need a little help with the details.
Remember is about connecting people with the resources they need. Providing givers an opportunity to bless those in need. Hopefully we will all become givers.

That's nice, but what is it really?

A Web Site

Remember is a secure web site for tracking poeple that your organization cares for.

These can be both recipients of care and those who provide care for others.

Remember is designed for use on desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Encounter Tracker

Remember is based around encounters with people and remembering details from these encounters.

It also provides a simple way to follow-up and be reminded about upcoming events.

Additionally, Remember tracks events and attendees.

Gift Tracker

There are many ways to care for people. Remember tracks several kinds of gifts including direct donations, in-kind donations, and other types.

In-kind donations are tracked back to the donor for follow up and future gifts.

All monitary values are tracked providing a summary of care.

Trajectory Tracker

Hopefully caring for people bring about life transformation on some level.

Remember tracks life trajectories to help caregivers measure effectiveness.